Ancient architecture in the form of religious buildings which are in ruins or still used today, provide me with huge amounts of texture and colour to work with when developing ideas for my Stone Erosion series. Here I look at the effects that time and the environment have on walls or damaged fallen stone. I find that paper collage and a mixture of drawing materials work well in creating texture in the initial stages of the design work. I then use paper, stitch and fabric to complete each piece.

Pre-historic archeological studies and finds, relating to ancient settlements and human traces within the landscape, reveal long hidden landmarks, landlines and patterns. These are features I incorporate into my textile designs and have included my interpretation of these marks in many of my previous hand made felt and stitch pieces.

Looking at aspects of dwellings, enclosures and earthworks from the pre-historic period move me towards ideas of ritual, ceremony and celebration. Also initiation, burial rites and offerings to deities etc. The fascination for me while developing these ideas are the images and words created through the design processes of drawing and writing text.