Positivity, Negativity, and Small Joys.

Well… here I am on the last day of January, determined to write my very first ever Blog before the end of the month. So many twists and turns and so many positives and negatives have been considered over the last few weeks. Initially the year of 2021 began on a positive note, regardless of all thats going on in the world of Covid-19. January is a month which generally gives me a boost of energy and confidence in relation to my plans for my creative work and new ideas to be thought through. So I started by assessing my previous projects and managed to finish one or two books, journals and notebooks to add to a collection which is ready to sell when my shop is completed. I also checked out some selling sites and shops that might be suitable to sell my work from and decided to go with Big Cartel, a site which is run by creatives for creatives and seems very accessible and simple to navigate. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Handmade notebooks

Then… from out of nowhere it seemed, on 18th of January, I became ill. The symptoms were flu like, hot and cold, aching bones and joints and fatigue. Having had the flu jab, for the first time this winter, I was assured that it wouldn’t be flu, so my husband booked a coronavirus test for me which proved to be positive. Ten days of self-isolation followed together with emotional ups and downs and stress for both of us. Thankfully now I feel like I’m returning to my old self once more and also feel extremely lucky that I was not affected too badly by the virus.

My plan during February is to start photographing finished work ready to add to my shop. I’m not going to be rushed, just a little each day together with working on small textile pieces, a commission and more drawing. Whether I will manage a blog post every month remains to be seen but I do intend to keep you up to date with my work in progress, however often that may be.

Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Oh yes… I thought you might like to hear about the Robin who woke me last Sunday morning just before 6am, singing his little heart out. So close it must have been perched on my bedroom window ledge (3 floors up)! It was still dark, no sunrise as yet but the street we live on in the city is very well lit and even in this present lockdown has a good deal of traffic at that time of day. I must say it gave me such a lot of joy just listening to him for a couple of minutes. At the moment I’m reading The Robin: A Biography by Stephen Moss so it seemed quite apt…

Stay safe everyone…

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  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better Jackie. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jackie Lunn says:

      Thank you Kim, yes the worst seems to be over thank goodness. x


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